Recommended Museums
for students in the Northeast US writing papers about ancient art history and archaeology
...and anyone else interested in the subject

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
One of the world’s best Egyptian collections, arguably the second best Old Kingdom collection, after Cairo; notable Classical and Medieval Art collections as well. museum of fine arts boston has one of the world's best egyptian collections, arguably the second best old kingdom collection after cairo, notable classical and medieval art collections as well

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
A world class museum for most time periods and geographical regions, certainly for any kind of art covered in my classes.
metropolitan museum of art new york city a world class museum for most time periods and geographical regeions including greek roman etruscan minoan mycenean, athens, ancient greece, ancient rome, ancient egypt, acropolis, tuscan, etruscan

The Museum of Art, Rhode Island school of Design, Providence
A a  smaller museum, but a very respectable collection, including a good deal of Roman sculpture (most notably two large sarcophagi and a new installation of sculpture in the round), Greek and Etruscan vases and metalwork, Egyptian artifacts (including a mummy), Romanesque and Gothic sculpture.

risd museum roman sculpture, sarcophagi, greek and etruscan vases and metalwork, egyptian artifacts mummy, romanesque and gothic sculpture where peter nulton teaches

Harvard Semitic Museum , Harvard University , Cambridge
With a superb collection of archaeological materials from the ancient Near East.

The Sackler Museum of Art, Harvard University , Cambridge
Sizable collection of Greek and Roman material.

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven
America’s oldest university museum.  Important not only for its collection of Jewish, Early Christian, and pagan places of worship at the ancient site of Dura-Europos, but also for notable collections of Mesopotamian relief sculpture, Greek vases, and ancient glasswork.

The Slater Memorial Museum at the Norwich Free Academy , Norwich
While you won’t see much in the way of ancient originals here, this museum has a collection of plaster casts that I have chosen to accept for the descriptive essay assignment.  Collecting casts like these for educational and aesthetic purposes was highly fashionable during the 19th century.  When collections of copies fell out of favor, many universities and museums disbanded their collection.  The Slater’s collection of casts is one of the largest and best in the United States .  It offers the advantage of being able to view copies of pieces, in most cases life-size, that one would have to travel hundreds of miles within Europe , the Middle East , and North Africa to see.